How I sold 83 imported laptops on Facebook in Six Months – 7 Vital Business lessons for Entrepreneurs

facebook ecommerce

I love to try new things; especially in business. Many times it works against me and I lose. A few other times, I celebrate. Trying importation and ecommerce was one of those new things that brought a mix of failure and celebration my way. My first few months of starting importation business were characterized with […]

A Lesson for Entrepreneurs – Seriously, you need to stop undervaluing what comes easily to you

Building Complete

Last week Friday morning, I got chatting with a friend on Whatsapp. Here’s a message he sent me: Edited the shorthand and Pidgin: “Do you know the impact of your touch on that report? They said the report is short but it’s the best. For that reason, they assigned me to Victoria Island were the […]

7 Reasons your first Self-Published eBook should be Like Omotola on Mini-skirt

Self-Published a Book Like Omotola on a Mini-skirt

“A good speech is like a mini-skirt – long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to be interesting.” Anonymous Before you started getting critical, she’s a married woman with kids. And good at what she does. The point is for us to get the point. Between these two pictures, which is more likely […]

11 Life-changing lessons to turn your passion for writing into Multi-Million Naira Business… even in a crowded market


Have you ever sat in front of your computer or mobile phone and wonder how the heck you are going to turn a petty art such as writing into a source of livelihood? You have read stories of successful writers who sold thousands of eBooks, short reports, information products, online training etc; Bloggers who have […]