9 Practical Ways Ordinary People Are Making a Fortune Building Online Platforms

ordinary people get above the crowd

Whatever business or profession you are in right now, some persons somewhere out there, right now are trying to figure out how to do your job faster and less expensively with technology. And the more they breakthrough, the more people will lose their jobs. Think about this statement by Bill Gates while speaking at The […]

7 reasons I Still Use Genesis theme Framework for Building Online Platforms after 3 Years


Have you ever tried to find a suitable and user-friendly theme for your WordPress blog or publishing platform? As a blogger, publisher, platform entrepreneur or whatever you call this thing we do, you don’t want to spend your time on things outside creating, publishing and marketing content. And of course building relationships. Spending a lot […]

Linda Ikeji, Predators, and Why Internet Entrepreneurs Should Beware of Digital Sharecropping

Linda Ikeja and digital sharecropping

Thomas J. Watson got home from work one evening, gave his wife a hug and proudly announced, “…Computing Tabulating Recording Company henceforth will be known as International Business Machines (IBM)”. His son Watson Jr. said, “That little outfit?” It was later he realized that his dad must have had in mind the IBM of the […]

Tried Content Marketing? Getting Poor Results? 7-Step Checklists to Fix this

speak to an empty room

Imagine you walk into a large hall, with 5,000 chairs and a platform. But there is no one there. Just you and your conscience. You get on the platform and start addressing the empty hall. You go on and on, believing that people passing by will hear your mountain-moving gospel, fall in love with your […]