7 Reasons your first Self-Published eBook should be Like Omotola on Mini-skirt

Self-Published a Book Like Omotola on a Mini-skirt

“A good speech is like a mini-skirt – long enough to cover the essentials and short enough to be interesting.” Anonymous Before you started getting critical, she’s a married woman with kids. And good at what she does. The point is for us to get the point. Between these two pictures, which is more likely […]

11 Life-changing lessons to turn your passion for writing into Multi-Million Naira Business… even in a crowded market


Have you ever sat in front of your computer or mobile phone and wonder how the heck you are going to turn a petty art such as writing into a source of livelihood? You have read stories of successful writers who sold thousands of eBooks, short reports, information products, online training etc; Bloggers who have […]

3 Ways NOT to Promote your Kindle eBook, 5 Simple Ways to do it + 18 Places to submit your Book

Promote your book

J A Konrath, John Locke, Amanda Hocking, E L James and many others have sold one million+ eBooks on Amazon Kindle. But for every personal media star with 100,000 followers, there are probably 100,000 authors who have invested 1000 hours to sell five books each. What do these successful authors have in common that majority […]

17 Solid Reasons You Should Self-Publish Your Book Online – And How to…


It’s either you have or about to complete your creative piece of work; or the idea of a book still lives in your head waiting for the right time to let it out. May be it’s that unique story you want to share with the world. Or perhaps you want to supplement your speaking, coaching […]