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Ready to learn how to create a website in less than 15 minutes?

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What you need to create a website

What is WordPress?

Why use WordPress?

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How to register a domain name and web host

Install and Setup WordPress

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Here is something you probably already know as a Business owner, professional, artist or entrepreneur; if you don’t have a robost website to build your online presence yet, it’s about time you do. Why?

…Because your customers/clients and target audience are now more than ever waiting to find you online. A website offer unlimited tools and opportunities to grow your business beyond what a brick and mortar office can afford.

In most cases it’s not that you don’t already know this, what’s hindering most people from creating their website is that they think building a website is a complex and expensive process. Well if you want to start writing the code for your website from scratch, that will make a really complex task.

Here is the simple truth: you can create, build and manage a professional robost ‘how-I-want-it’ website like this one without the knowledge of website building – thanks to open source technologies and web programmers who have put in years of work to create easy to use world class website building platforms.

Believe me, it’s easier than you think and you will learn how in a couple of minutes.

Whether you want to build a corporate website, a person blog or an online publishing media, this tutorial will teach you how to create a website you’ll be proud of within 15 minutes.

What you need to create a website

  • A Domain name
  • Web host
  • Website building tool

First, let’s talk about the website building tool you need to build a professional website – WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular and most widely used CMS (Content Management System). A CMS is website building software that provides tools and features for users with little to NO knowledge of web programming languages to create, build, author, manage and administer website content with ease.

From the average guy, to solo to small business owners, news agencies, medium to large enterprises to Government bodies; use WordPress to build their personal, corporate or organisation websites.

As of May 21, 2013, of all the websites which run on - CMS, 57 out of every 100 use WordPress; and 18 out of 100 websites on the web run on WordPress. You can never go wrong choosing WordPress as your website building platform

Here is a graphical representation of WordPress usage


Percentage of CMS usage

Figure 1: Percentage of CMS and non-CMS internet usage

WordPress user Growth

Wordpress user growth

Figure 2: WordPress user growth from May 2012 to May 2013

Why use WordPress?

In my four years experience of building websites, sites built on WordPress are more user friendly and perform better on search engines. Because the first purpose of all websites is to be found online by internet searchers, choosing a search engine friendly platform to build your website is one of the best decisions you’ll make.

WordPress is easy for anyone to build, manage and maintain a website. With wordpres, you are on to building a web presence on the right foundation.

For the best part; WordPress is free to use; you only have to buy a domain name and a web hosting space – and recommendably buy a WordPress premuim theme to create a customized look and feel for your website.

How to create a website

Watch the video version of this tutorial as I take you through the process.

Your first step to setting up any kind of website is to choose and register a domain name. A domain name is the address people will use to access your website from anywhere.

Example:,, etc.

It’s like registering your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission – CAC – but without the bureaucracies.

How to register a domain name and web host

I use web4africa to register all my domain names and Hostgator to host my websites. You can use either service.

To make this tutorial straight forward, I will explain the process using web4africa as you domain registrar and web host.

Before you begin, be sure to have at least 3 or more domain name options – one preferred domain and two or more backups in case the first one is not available. For instance if you run an event planning business with name Yomi Event Planning, you can select, etc

Step 1: Go to Web4Africa or your choice domain registrar.

Select your preferred Plan: Bronze, Silver or Gold Plan. For starters, Bronze plan is ok.


Enter your preferred domain name on the next page:


You will be notified immediately if the domain is available or not. If not, try different variations until you come up with a good available name.

Step 2: Once you find a domain name you are satisfied with ‘Click to continue’.

Click to ‘Update Cart’

On the next page, click to ‘Checkout’

Fill in relevant information; your name, email, phone number etc, and then select your preferred Payment Method – by Credit Card, ATM Card, Bank payment. ‘Complete Order’.

Congratulations! You just registered your domain and hosting.

That wasn’t difficult, was it?

Install and Setup WordPress

Now to create your website, you are going to install the most powerful, user and search engine friendly web publishing system – WordPress. Don’t worry, it’s not rocket science.

Step 1: Login to your web host cPanel – link provided by your host

Scroll to the section for ‘Software/Services’ and select Fantastico De Luxe –the smiling icon


Select WordPress from the left sidebar as show below:


On the WordPress page, click on New Installation

On Install on domain, select the domain name you want to install WordPress on

Fill out the form accordingly: Administrator-Username, Password, Admin Email –are the most important sections. You can fill the other fields from your WordPress dashboard later on.


Note: Leave the field for Install in directory blank.

Click Install WordPress. Then, Finish Installation

You did it. Your WordPress site has been successfully installed. Easier than you expected, huh?

At this point, anyone from any part of the world with internet connection can access your website by typing, for example, But you want it to be, right?

Go to and log in with the Administrator- Username and Password you just created (be sure to remember and keep it safe)

Substitute with your domain name


Hover your cursor on Settings on the left navigation menu, and select General from the sub-menu


Next, change the WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL) options to  – add the www.


Scroll down and save changes.

Now go to – you will be automatically redirected to

Congratulations! You just created a website by yourself. You deserve a round of applause!

Get a Professional WordPress Theme

The default theme that comes with WordPress out of the box is too generic to use for your professional website like yours – you deserve something better.

Your next step is to install a professional theme for your site. There are gazillion WordPress themes you can install to give your website that professional look. You can get a good looking theme for free by searching on Google, but it can be time consuming digging through to find the theme that is just what you want. You may be unlucky to choose a poorly developed theme – this may cause a bad start for your website.

To save time, you can either invest in a premium theme or hire a WordPress designer to build a custom theme the way you want it.

We have a better option.

We can help

We offer free website design consulting service to help you decide on the best website type for your business. Click here to see how

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Have questions? Need more clarity? Want to discuss further? The comment floor is open.

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