How to make $1500 from Google Adsense in Your first month

Make money online with google adsense

Usually, I see this kind of question asked around the web and simply look away without the interest to read further. Then two days ago, I checked my spam mail and found a message that read:

Make at least $1500 working with Google Adsense in your first month guaranteed’.

Chances are that you get one of those “How I Made $1,234.56 in one week working two hours a day”. For a change, I decided to be open minded for once and see what this genius had to offer. The link in the message took me to a story of a mum who after losing her job, desperately bought a life changing toolkit that made her $3000 in her first month writing for Google; ridiculous? The story then links to a sales page on a life changing step by step guide that made the laziest of his clients $1500 monthly. I guess you are not that lazy so you are likely to earn more.

The business model was;

Write for Google and get paid at least $1500 through adsense program.

Will you fall for that?

Who will fall for that? A lot of people will. You might have learned a lot about making money on the internet and how to Generate Google Adsense Revenue, but there are lots of people who don’t get it yet. I read a lot of such adverts on magazines in my early days of exploring the internet, and almost, well I did fall for it. A particular advert read, ‘Who else wants to receive $1500 from Google Adsense’. It went as far as explaining how, if you select high paying keywords of $10, set up 10 blogs, each getting 5 clicks daily, you guarantee several thousand dollars your first month. It wasn’t until I got into blogging, and tried out a couple business models I came to realized that all those so-called gurus, trying to sell those programs never knew a thing about Google Adsense, let alone make money from it.

How can you make $1500  in one month? You ask

I know you’re curious or feel mislead. But the real question is: Why on mother earth will Google pay you $1500 for writing a couple of articles?

Here are some basic questions you should ask each time you come across such make $15,217,345.68 sales pitches;

  • What exactly is my work?
  • How does the company paying me make their money?
  • Who is their (my employers) customer?
  • How do they benefit from me to guarantee paying me that much?

Unless you are selling your own products, whatever program/system that can make you money online, legitimately makes money for your employer in return. Consequently, there is someone between paying the money (who also gets his/her money worth). If you don’t get a clear explanation on how your actions make money for the other person, you should give it a second thought. Anyone involved in online activities has something in it for him (people build programs/systems not machines). While there are genuine people out there willing to help you make money, they also need to get some value in return.

I’ve been monetizing my online publishing platform with Google Adsense for over two years now (OK, more into it for less than two years) and only manage to exceed $1,500 monthly from the program. Sure there are other newer publishers earning more. But $1500 in your first month (even first year) from Adsense, you gotta be kidding me. Work and time is what really works.

If you’ll want to learn how to make money from Adsense, I’ll suggest you read my post on 7 Tips to build a Blog that Generates Adsense Revenue

PS: I doubled my adsense earning two months ago, after a little adsense optimisation. I’ll be writing about it any time soon. Keep in Touch.


  1. says

    Your last sentence said it all… “Work and time is what really works”. That is what most people refused to get straight into their heads. To really make it big with Adsense, you must be hardworking and have PATIENT.

  2. says

    very good article. It will work as an eye-opener for them who just dream about making money by clicking a few links and writing 4 articles.
    No doubt one can make money while working online… but a lot of hours and labour will have to be used in order to be successful.

    Thanks for sharing this article.

  3. Robert says

    Hi there Ikenna, you know what they say “there’s a sucker born every minute” I agree with you as I have seen these so called Adsense programs over the years (mostly on warrior forum an DP). Most of the creators just falsify there earning just to get the SALE.

    You can make some good money from Adsense BUT you really have to put the work in BIG TIME.

    There is no silver bullet when it comes to making money online

  4. Michael Cole says

    Outstandingly enlightening many thanks, I reckon your trusty followers would likely want far more stories similar to this continue the great hard work.

  5. Olympia says

    We would like to thank you just as before for the gorgeous concepts you offered Janet when preparing her post-graduate research as well as, most importantly, pertaining to providing each of the tips in a weblog post. Provided that we had been aware of your web site a year ago, we’d have been saved the unnecessary measures we were having to take. Thank you extremely significantly.

  6. says

    Hi lkenna, making money from adsense is possible,but how much you make depends on the amount of work you put in. One important thing is to test various ad placements,the size of the ad and type of ad (contexual or graphics). Experimenting a bit, within Google guidelines, can help you increase adsense earnings.

    • says

      Quite Sure. The work part can not be left out. It’s about what it takes. I also agree on the part of experimenting to maximize current traffic income generation but it’s building the community that will sustain the revenue.
      Thanks for coming by.

  7. reeha@ super sale says

    we can easily earn money through adsense but one needs to burst his energy on right strategies and at right places. thanks lkenna for this useful post.

  8. says

    I have never seen where one can read where such person did not soul!
    It annoys me whenever I see people selling nonsense deceiving newbies that they will make thousand from adsense 1hrs of work.

    Rubbish! Real rubbish!!

  9. says

    One cool way that I found that can help with making money with Adsense is to provide very useful content (like something that was valuable enough that people would and are paying for it somewhere online). Then you provide this valuable _______ that people would pay for but you provide it for free!

    Often times when people are giving something that really does help them, they feel a need or desire to reciprocate that kindness and this could very well increase the likely hood someone would click on one of the Adsense ads.

    One way I’m doing this is, I provide an online QR code generator that people can use to create QR codes for their website, business, product, for fun or just to see how QR codes are generated.

    Now they can generate codes that contain a link to a website or product; code for email messages, sms messages, affiliate products or coupon codes… Any of that info can be embeded into the QR code that’s generated and can be used for marketing purposes and such. And the whole experience is free!

    FYI: I gave the link to my Free Generator (in the bio above), so that readers of this blog can see exactly what I’m talking about (don’t worry, there’s nothing for sell there and there’s no optin form or anything, just the free generator and some related Google Adsense.

    BTW: For your readers who might not know… When Google shows the adsense ads on your site, they are ads that are similar to the theme and topic of your website. One of the reasons for this is, well people came to your site looking for some particular information (like seo tips that you wrote an article on and in the article bio, you tell them to visit your site for more free tips) Well Google is going to put some Adsense related to seo and this provides more value to your visitors because they came for one thing, but also now have the opportunity to check out related information from other sources. And in this way, it’s not just advertising but it is also relevant content.

  10. says

    Very nice articles. I love it and would like to make it real with the blog I own.
    Indeed, it really motivates readers to have a great income through online.
    Thank you for sharing this
    Best of luck !

  11. says

    In fact i liked this post. It is awaking for those who dream that they will create a blog and will make money for the rest of their life. Working hard and an idea can make money – not guides and howtos!

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